Proposition Excludes Key Caregivers
and Jeopardizes Access to Care

The way the poorly-drafted proposition defines “patient care services costs” excludes many critical parts of operating a clinic, including some of those required by federal regulators. By prohibiting insurance companies from reimbursing for these costs, the proposition threatens clinics’ ability to remain in operation and jeopardizes access to care for individuals in need of dialysis, who are very ill.

Legitimate patient care expenses EXCLUDED by the proposition include:

Physician Medical Director

  • Accountable for quality of care, safety of equipment and facility
  • Oversight for all patient care and clinic quality

Nurse Clinical Coordinator

  • Assists with implementation of patient care plans
  • Accountable for adherence to certain CMS regulations, including infection control and monitoring vital signs

Facility Administrator

  • Manages all operations of a clinic, overseeing an average of 30 employees and up to 40,000 dialysis treatments each year
  • Responsible for ensuring clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction

Staff Who Help
Patients Navigate Their
Insurance Options

  • Educate patients on available insurance options
  • Advocate for patients when insurance companies refuse to cover health care costs

Community-Based Kidney Disease Education

Clinical Research

Regulatory Compliance

Facility Security


Payor Contracting

Human Resources

Information Technology

Professional Services
(Accounting and Legal)